The Club

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The Revelstoke Snowboard Club is about Community! We are working towards creating a hub for snowboarding events, culture and development through community engagement and support. The intention is to create a place for people of all ages and abilities to feel welcomed and included. We also hope to engage with our community’s youth to help develop young snowboarders into passionate and talented ambassadors of our beloved sport.

Revelstoke Snowboards

The Team

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Jason DiNardo

President & Co-Founder

Jason DiNardo has been Snowboarding for over 20 years. With roots in Ontario and Quebec riding, he moved to Revelstoke in 2011 and has been sliding sideways in and around Revy ever since. His passion and love for the sport of snowboarding has led him to co-founding the Revelstoke Snowboard Club in 2018 You can find him in RMR line-up most mornings, feel free to say Hey and ask about the Club!


Julien Vallieres

Vice President

I’m Julien, Vice President of the Revelstoke snowboard club. I’ve been snowboarding since I was a kid, it’s always been my passion which is what brought me to Revelstoke. I’ve been in town here for 9 years now, and I hope we can grow this club into something that will help others in Revelstoke who share the same passion.

Mark Baron


I’ve loved snowboarding for many years. It’s what brought me to Revelstoke. It’s why I have businesses here and why I have my wife and 2 little girls here. And it’s why my life has been so good. It’s pretty great to be a snowboarder 

Mark Baron

Theresa Hamilton


What do you do that makes you happy? Working for the Revelstoke Hospice Society and doing a couple of other volunteer gigs in town.
What does snowboarding mean to you? She is stoked on the Snowboard Club, their vision and youth involvement. She thinks this club might get her on the mountain more.
What is the silliest fear you have? Probably heights.
What do you want to do before you die? She’d like to conquer her fear of heights

Theresa Hamilton
Kate Roberts

Kate Roberts

Event Coordinator

Kate works for music festivals, and loves to get weird in the woods #sports. Her friends in the music industry call her Sporty Spice. She moved to Revelstoke in 2008 to live the ski bum lifestyle. She represents the all girl shred crew, Pussies on Planks, who are known for baring it all in the mountains —If the sun’s out, get your buns out! Snowboarding to her is all about camaraderie. It’s about high-fives after a sick line, hootin’-and-hollerin’ through the trees, and “shouting heck-yeah!” after stomping something scary. If she is waiting for the single track to Greely Bowl to clear, she’ll kill time by putting on some lipstick, because you never know who you’re going to meet in Sally Ally

Patrick Spencer

Patrick Spencer

Assistant Event Coordinator 

What do you do that makes you happy? Lots of stuff, just doin’ it for the people.
What does snowboarding mean to you: A breath of fresh air and serenity.
What is the silliest fear you have? I cant touch snakes. Even when I think I can do it, I wig out the second it moves..
What do you want to do before you die? Get ‘Er Done.

Olly Hogan

Social Media Manager

What do you do that makes you happy? Snowboard, photograph snowboarding, social media the snowboarding, talk about snowboarding, dream about snowboarding, wait in line to go snowboarding oh and biking is alright. What does snowboarding mean to you? Everything. What is the silliest fear you have? Not being able to snowboard, social media the snowboarding, talk about snowboarding, dream about snowboarding, wait in line to go snowboarding and snakes. What do you want to do before you die? Snowboard more and learn how to
play the trumpet

Olly Hogan

Hywel Williams 

Assistant Social Media Manager

I have travelled, met people from all walks of life, created cherished memories and friendships, worked the weirdest list of jobs and found my vocation. All of this is snowboarding for me. A passion for turns may be how we meet but the good times don’t end on the mountain!

Hywel WIlliams
Matt Millard

Matt Milland

Merch Coordinator

What do you do that makes you happy? I love snowboarding in the winters and biking in the summers.
What does snowboarding mean to you? Snowboarding for me is more a way of life then a hobby. I have been working in the industry for several years now in a few different shops And just love doing everything snowboarding.
How long have you been in town? I moved to Revy in 2012 and have been loving it here ever since

Bryanna MacLaren

Bryanna MacLaren

Youth Liaison 

In my spare time I enjoy being active outside with pals and of course shredding on the snowboard. I grew up riding the thick “mashed potatoes” on Vancouver Island and very happy to now experience the pow in Revelstoke. I am excited to be involved in the snowboarding community and the 2020/2021 season!


Sophie Kepinski

Fundraising Coordinator

Sophie grew up snowboarding in Ontario and moved to Revelstoke to experience “just one winter” in 2018, but loved it so much that she hasn’t been able to leave since. Snowboarding with friends is her absolute favourite activity, so she is stoked to be a part of the club and hopes to get more people involved and excited about the sport.

Sophie Kepinski

Jen Mitchel

Volunteer Coordinator 

Jen is relatively new to the world of snowboarding, having only learned here in Revy a few years ago. Learning to shred as an adult has reminded her to face her fears, laugh it off and go with the flow. Now that she has found the meaning of life (POW!), she is eager to spread the cheer to anyone that will listen. You can usually find her shredding on the mountain or counting down the days until she can get there next. 

Jen Mitchel
Karl Jost

Karl Jost

Sponsorship Coordinator

Karl started snowboarding in 91 or 92 (who can remember?) and that was it. It’s been snowboarding ever since… After working at Rude Boys in Banff from 99′ to 07′ organizing several comps including the “Season Ender Bender” he made the move to Revelstoke and opened Society Snow and Skate. Society has been supporting the local shred scene ever since. Holding events like the S-Games, Video premiers, supporting local riders and of course the Revelstoke Snowboard Club. After spending 13 years working with the CVSA to get the new skatepark in Revy, why not volunteer again? If you want to learn the history of boarding, brands, riders, movies and everything snowboard go spend time listening to this snowboard nerd rant…